"We believe there always will be better ways of creating software products and services and we are happy to help people who believe the same."

ProCognita was established in 2010 to promote Agile and Lean approach to software development. Since then, we share our knowledge and support IT organizations in their quest for better methods of products and projects management. In modern, fast changing environment remodeling of traditional workflow and customization of approach to project management is necessary to meet business needs.  Focused on Agile and Lean Values, ProCognita delivers training, consulting and coaching services to increase efficiency of our clients.

Private Training, Coaching and Consulting

Our customers varies by size - from Start-ups to international corporation. They varies by line of business as well - Sofware Houses, Insurance Companies, Banks, firms producing embeded systems or games. We provide them with certified and authored courses, dedicated to teams, managers, business and executives. We're supporting their Agile Transormation through coaching for teams and consulting on organization level. 

Public Agile and Lean Training

Beside private training, we regulary organize public Agile courses in major Polish cities, both certified and authored. We had a pleasure to host on them participants from different European countries, among others Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary,  Poland, Romania, Serbia and Slovakia.

Certified Scrum Training

Since 2011 ProCognita offers Certified Scrum Training. During that time, we've taught over 850 students on over 75 courses. This makes us the largest provider of Certification Training in Poland.

ProCognita is the only company to offer CSM and CSPO courses in Polish, led by Tomasz de Jastrzebiec Wykowski, CST. Additionally we regularly invite to Poland foreign trainers, giving possibility to benefit from the knowledge of most experienced experts such as Robin Dymond, CST.

International Experts

We'd like to provide Polish companies with access to international experts. Therefore we invite them to join our training, conferences and events. So far we had a pleasure of organizing courses for Jurgen Appelo (Management 3.0), Tom and Kai Gilb (Agile Requirements Management) and  Mary and Tom Poppendieck (Lean Software Development). We offer our clients with the opportunity to benefit from their knowledge through private training and consulting.

Our Team

Our team consist of people passionate about Agile and Lean. Our trainers and consultants are practitioners with many years of experience in working with and implementing of Agile and Lean. Therefore, we well know common problems which IT companies are facing and can propose effective solutions. We continuously develop our skills on dedicated training and conferences.

Lectures and Presentations

Our trainers and our guests give lectures and workshops at conferences and for local groups. Until now, we had the pleasure to participate in over a dozen conferences and meetings of PMI and Agile groups.

Conferences and Supporting Agile Community

We also support local and interational Agile and Lean initiatives. Since 2011 we've co-organized, supported and promoted over a dozen international conferences.

Want to learn more?

Do not hesitate to contact us. We'll be happy to provide you with references from our customers and contact you with them.

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