Knowledge Sharing and Continuous Improvement

Learning and knowledge sharing are essential ingredients of continuous improvement. Looking backward, they show us the progress we’ve made. They’re also necessary to ensure competitiveness of individuals and whole organizations. At the same time, craftsmanship brings the joy and satisfaction from well performed work. Those are the reasons ProCognita puts so much stress on continuous development of own competencies, customer business and whole IT community. By inviting well known experts, supporting and organizing local and international initiatives and conferences ProCognita promotes Agile and Lean.

Events 2017

Events 2016

Events 2015

  • We're supporting: ACE! Conference 16-17 March 2015, Cracow, Poland
  • We're supporting and  speaking  na: Agile Eastern Europe 27-28 March 2015, Kiev, Ukraine
  • We're speaking na: AgileByExample 28-30 September 2015
  • We're speaking (Keynote) na: Unexpected Unconference, 16  October 2015  Cracow, Poland
  • We're supporting: Test Well,  Cracow, Poland
  • We're speaking: Agile Prague, Prague, Czech Republic

Events 2014

Events 2013

  • We're speaking: 33rd Degree Conference 2013, Warsaw , Poland
  • We're speaking: Agile Swarming 2013
  • We're speaking: AgileByExample
  • We're supporting and speaking: 33rd Degree 4 Charity, Cracow, Poland

Events 2012

  • We're speaking : IT Career Conference 2012, Cracow, Poland
  • We're supporting and speaking : 33rd Degree Conference 2012, Cracow, Poland
  • We're speaking : ALE Kraków 
  • We're speaking : Agile Warsaw

Events 2011

  • We're speaking: Whale Riders Conference 2011, Moscow, Russia
  • We're speaking: Agile Eastern Europe 2011, Kiev, Ukraine
  • we're organizing and  speaking : Central and Eastern Europe Conference for Software Process Improvement 2011, Moscow, Russia
  • We're supporting Agile Central Europe 2011, Cracow, Poland

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